Penn Oaks Golf Club - Lauren and Scott

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 Lauren and Scott's Fabulous Wedding at Penn Oaks Golf Club, Pennsylvania


Thanks Lauren and Scott for choosing Lavender and Lace Wedding Photography!  We had a wonderful day to photograph this amazing couple.  

Lauren and Scott's church ceremony was at St. Thomas  the Apostle in Wilmington, Delaware. After the ceremony we took some great fun candid shots at Nemours Mansion, which is incredible.  And then the party really began at the Penn Oaks Golf Club,  Great place to have a wedding! 



The day started out with Lauren getting ready at her aunt's lovely home, all her bridesmaid's helping her look her best.  Her gorgeous dress was hanging, ready for the right moment!

 Last minute blush application, Lauren's excitement is hard to miss!


Lauren's bridesmaids are not only beautiful, they're great pool players!  


 Sweet little flower girl in the middle!


 Lauren looking cool and elegant in this amazing foyer.



 Scott's getting nervous in the back of the church!




 The happy couple, finally married at St. Thomas The Apostle, in Wilmington.



 Now the fun begins for the new Mr. and Mrs. DeHart!


Such a great group!  We took whole bridal party for pictures at Nemours Mansion in Wilmington, Delaware.

 This man has a hard time being serious!


 Love this shot, they look fantastic in every picture!




 All the girls!


Scott and the guys, they did anything we asked them!



 So here's the message for the Thank You cards!





 These two are in LOVE!



 The mansion had the most amazing scenery, everywhere was perfect for pictures


We're not sure what he said to make her laugh like this, but it must have been good!


 Not a bad background!


This cute silhouhette was Lauren's idea, I'm happy it turned out!